Ocra is a laboratory conceived to design environmentally friendly products, certified and hand-made in Italy.

As always, our key objective is to provide outstanding quality and a timeless design, where t and comfort are paramount.
ØCRA provides shoes for children that are durable and comfortable.

ØCRA children’s shoes are made from natural materials, luxurious organic leathers and recycled crepe rubber sole units.
The soft natural crepe ensure a very flexible shoe, which, combined with the cushioned material, allows children to grow up with minimal strain on their developing feet. In our collections we use a huge variety of colours and materials.
In our factory there are some of the best artisans of our region, who have a lifetime of experience in working with leathers and making shoes. In our design studio, we have an extraordinary design team who share an in depth knowledge and passion for developing quality footwear.


Ocra and the photovoltaic: chrome free, CO2 free!

Holding fast our mission since the beginning of our work, we have decided to engage ourselves in the renewable energy resources.
Since ever we believe in the worth and respect of the environment, where we do live. For this reason, we not only use eco-friendly raw materials, but also clean energy resources.

The result is a zero-impact working ecosystem. By using photovoltaic panels, which immediately turn the radiant sun energy into electric energy, we are able to create our shoes by accepting the daily challenge which characterizes our work: we want to give our customers a superior quality in the total respect of the environment.